The Hockey By Design Market is all about bringing you the best-designed, highest-quality, most unique hockey products to hockey-lovers around the world.

Hockey By Design started in 2011 as a blog discussing visual design and branding in the NHL. That part still exists (right here, actually) but we've become more than that. We've become a respected voice in visual design in professional hockey, and we've produced sought-after products. And we've discovered that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of other designers creating awesome stuff for hockey-lovers like ourselves.

So, we wanted to create a place where we can feature all these awesome designers and create a one-stop place for people to buy hockey-related products. Think of this as an hockey-specific Etsy – unique products made by talented people who want to create something really cool.

Are you a designer and would like to have your hockey products up on the site? Contact us! We're always looking for more cool stuff to feature.

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